You are going to read an article from an online encyclopedia and answer 10 questions that follow. You have 20 minutes for this task.

Dance is a performing art in which people move to a musical rhythm. It may be alone, or in a group. Some people dance to express their emotions, or to feel better, or to tell a story. Dances may be considered an informal play, a part of a ritual, or a professional performance.  1 _____ Becoming a capable dancer sometimes takes years of practice.

Dances may be planned in detail, or they may be whatever dancers feel like doing. However, most dancing does follow some general pattern. One style is the couple dance, where (usually) a man and a woman dance together. Other dances need an ensemble, a group of people together to make it work. To plan a dance is called choreography. 2 _____ 

People have always danced. Every society has its own dances that are done on certain occasions: marriage, war, illness or death. They are found in all primitive societies. By imitating an animal or object, our ancestors believed they could capture a power and make it useful. There are pictures, on pottery and stone, which show dances from several thousand years ago.

3 _____ By the former, they mean dances which have no set form, but aim at getting the dancers into a state of ecstasy. In this state the dancers seem changed, in a trance, and are often thought of (by their society) as being ‘possessed by spirits’.

The ‘image dances’ are to do with the world outside the dancer. By imitating an animal or object, the dancer believes he can capture a power and make it useful. 4 _____ This is the kind of thinking behind an image dance.

Ballroom dances are forms of modern dance done by couples. Until the 20th century, most ballroom dances were sequence dances. The way people moved was planned in set formation. These formations were usually lines or squares. Everyone moved at the same time, and finished at the same time. The music played for a set time, and then stopped. After the invention of the waltz, another style developed. In the waltz, and later dances, people danced in couples, but they did so separately. They did not dance in formation, but moved round the room as they pleased (but anti-clockwise).

Often, new dance styles arrive. Some people dance as individuals, separately, as they please. 5 _____ All these types of dancing have music. Coming of popular music videos and DVDs led to a kind of dancer previously seen in some stage shows. A backup dancer is a professional performer who dances with or behind the lead performers in a live musical act or in a music video.

Part 1. Read the article and answer the questions. Decide whether each statement is True or False

Part 2. Read the article again. Five sentences have been removed from it. For each gap, choose the correct answer. There are two extra sentences which you do NOT need to use.

A — Often this goes with music, and fits into a certain style.
B — Historians divide early dances into ‘Imageless dances’ and ‘Image dances’.
C — People who want to learn to dance can go to dance schools.
D — At the same time, round the world there are many traditional dances.
E — Coming to more recent times, the first dance school we know about was opened in 1661 in Paris.
F — To dance in imitation of the animal which is going to be hunted is to become one with them.
G — Street dance is like that.

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  2. Проводящий тестирование контролирует самостоятельность выполнения заданий.
  3. Оценивание производится по шкале от 0 до 10 после окончания тестирования.

Критерии оценивания: 1 правильный ответ – 1 балл.

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