Dialogue 20. 2 Words For MARRIED In Russian (Talking About Marital Status)

Ты за́мужем? – Are you married? (a question asked to a woman)

Ты жена́т? – Are you married? (a question asked to a man)

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Оди́н – one (masculine form)

Оди́н друг, оди́н бо́йфренд, оди́н суп, оди́н сала́т.

Одна́ – one (feminine form)

Одна́ подру́га, одна́ пи́цца, одна́ семья́

есть does not only mean “to eat”. Its homophone means “there is / there are” in Russian.

To say “I have got” Russians say: “Near me there is / there are …”

У меня́ есть семья́. – I have got a family. (literally: “Near me there is a family.”)

У тебя́ есть бо́йфренд. – You have got a boyfriend. (literally: “Near you there is a boyfriend.”)

У него́ есть подру́га. – He has got a girlfriend. (literally: “Near him there is a girlfriend.”)

У неё есть сала́т. – She has got (some) salad. (literally: “Near her there is salad.”)

У нас есть друг. – We have got a friend. (literally: “Near us there is a friend.”)

У вас есть суп. – You have got (some) soup. (literally: “Near you there is soup.”)

У них есть телефо́ны. – They have got phones. (literally: “Near them there are phones.”)

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