12 Words For Transport In Russian: How To Use Them With Verbs Of Motion

Ex. 1. SPEAKING PRACTICE. Discuss with your teacher. Use the adverbs of frequency in the gaps.

всегда́ / обы́чно / ча́сто / иногда́ / ре́дко / никогда́ не
Я́ ____ е́зжу на велосипе́де.
Я ____ е́зжу на такси́.
Я ____ е́зжу на маши́не.
Я ____ е́зжу на авто́бусе.
Я ____ е́зжу на метро́.
Я ____ е́зжу на по́езде.

frequency adverbs in russian: how to say always, never, etc.
words for transport in russian

Ex. 2. Fills in the gaps.

Ex. 3. Write sentences according to the model.

Ex. 4. Choose the correct option.

Ex. 5. Complete the sentences using the correct forms of the words highlighted in bold.

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