Dialogue 8. How To Say RAIN and SNOW In Russian?

идёт is one of the forms of the verb идти (to walk, to go on foot)

Listen and read through the conjugation: 

Я иду́ – I am going (walking)

Ты идёшь – You are going (walking)

Он (она́, оно́) идёт – He (she, it) is going (walking)

Мы идём – We are going (walking)

Вы идёте – You are going (walking)

Они́ иду́т – They are going (walking)

We use this verb to talk about rain and snow:

Идёт дождь. – It is raining. (literally: The rain is walking.)

Идёт снег. – It is snowing. (literally: The snow is walking.)

It is also fine to say just:

Дождь. – It is raining.

Снег. – It is snowing.

Хочу́ is one of the forms of the verb хотеть (to want)

Listen and read through the conjugation:

Я хочу́ – I want

Ты хо́чешь – You want

Он (она́, оно́) хо́чет – He (she, it) wants

Мы хоти́м – We want

Вы хоти́те – You want

Они́ хотя́т – They want

Пойдём + Infinitive = Let’s go to (do something)

Пойдём гуля́ть! – Let’s go for a walk!

Пойдём спать! – Let’s go to sleep!

Пойдём чита́ть! – Let’s go to read!

Лу́чше + Infinitive – It is better to (do something)

Лу́чше оста́ться до́ма. – It is better to stay at home.

Лу́чше так не де́лать. – It is better not to do so.

Лу́чше так не говори́ть. – It is better not to say so.


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