Which ‘1’? How to say ONE in Russian correctly.

How to say one and genders in Russian

One (1) is a cardinal number utilized for counting and indicating quantity. It order to understand how to say one in Russian, it’s crucial to remember that it functions as a modifier, adapting its form to match the gender (masculine, feminine, or neuter), as well as the number and case, of the noun it modifies. The provided table illustrates how to express “one” in Russian when used in the nominative case.

how to say one in russian (based on genders in russian); один - masculine, одна - feminine, одно - plural

У меня одна сестра и один брат. – I have one sister and one brother.
На тарелке одно яблоко. – There is one apple on the plate.

Words For Fruits in Russian

Ex. 1. Fill in the gaps with the correct letter (one letter only!) for the following sorts of fruit:

Ex. 2. Click on the correct modifier for each noun on the list.

How to say one in Russian compound numbers

In compound numbers that end in “one” (e.g., 21, 31, 41), the agreement typically remains in the singular form.
В классе тридцать один ученик. – There are 31 students in the class.
На полке двадцать одна книга. – There are 21 books on the shelf.
В тексте сорок одно слово. – There are 41 words in the text.

Other uses of ONE

Interestingly, “один” can be used in the plural form. For instance, when modifying a noun that exclusively occurs in the plural (e.g., “часы” meaning “watches”), the plural form of “one” is necessary.
У меня есть только одни джинсы. – I have only one pair of jeans.
Я купил один кошелёк и одни часы. – I bought one wallet and one watch.

Furthermore, additional uses of “one” are possible in the Russian language:
1) “only”
Одна мама любит меня! – Only mum loves me!
2) “alone, by oneself”
«Один дома» – Home alone.
Марина сделала это одна. – Marina did it by herself.
Мы живём одни. – We live on our own.
3) “a certain”
Один человек сказал, что … – One person said that…
4) “the same”
У меня и у тебя одна модель машины. – You and I have the same car model.

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