Dialogue 2. Greetings. Formal & Informal YOU In Russian.


NOTE! Leaving out some words and changing their order are very common in Russian language:

Меня́ зову́т Ива́н. = Меня́ – Ива́н.

А меня́ зову́т И́нга. = А меня́ – И́нга.

Вас как зову́т? = Как вас зову́т?

There are two forms of personal pronoun “you” in Russian: вы is formal and ты is informal.

To skip to «ты» (informal YOU in Russian) with a person who you already know, you can use the phrase: «Дава́йте на ты». Дава́йте literally means “Let us (do smth.)”.

Learn more about Russian personal pronouns.


Exercise 1.

Exercise 2.

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