Dialogue 5. Asking About Weather In Russian


1. In everyday speech the word “ничего” it’s used as an equivalent of phrases “Not bad” or “More or less good”.

– Как дела́?

– Ничего́.

2. поря́док – order

в поря́дке – in order / alright

Всё в поря́дке. – Everything is in order.

Я в поря́дке. – I am alright.

Ма́ма в поря́дке. – Mum is alright.

3. КАК can be combined with a lot of Russian words including ПОГОДА – weather in Russian.

Как ты? – How are you?

Как родители? – How are your parents?

Как погода? – What’s the weather like?

The above questions encourage to describe situations and things in details.


Exercise 1.

Exercise 2.

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