Dialogue 8. The weather is simply horrible!

идёт is one of the forms of the verb идти (to walk, to go on foot)

Listen and read through the conjugation: 

Я иду́ – I am going (walking)

Ты идёшь – You are going (walking)

Он (она́, оно́) идёт – He (she, it) is going (walking)

Мы идём – We are going (walking)

Вы идёте – You are going (walking)

Они́ иду́т – They are going (walking)

We use this verb to talk about rain and snow:

Идёт дождь. – It is raining. (literally: The rain is walking.)

Идёт снег. – It is snowing. (literally: The snow is walking.)

It is also fine to say just:

Дождь. – It is raining.

Снег. – It is snowing.

Хочу́ is one of the forms of the verb хотеть (to want)

Listen and read through the conjugation:

Я хочу́ – I want

Ты хо́чешь – You want

Он (она́, оно́) хо́чет – He (she, it) wants

Мы хоти́м – We want

Вы хоти́те – You want

Они́ хотя́т – They want

Пойдём + Infinitive = Let’s go to (do something)

Пойдём гуля́ть! – Let’s go for a walk!

Пойдём спать! – Let’s go to sleep!

Пойдём чита́ть! – Let’s go to read!

Лу́чше + Infinitive – It is better to (do something)

Лу́чше оста́ться до́ма. – It is better to stay at home.

Лу́чше так не де́лать. – It is better not to do so.

Лу́чше так не говори́ть. – It is better not to say so.


Exercise 1.

Exercise 2.


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