Adjective or Adverb?

Adjectives (хоро́ший, тёплые, до́брое, краси́вая, etc.) are used to describe the qualities of the nouns or pronouns that they modify. Adverbs (хорошо́, интере́сно, краси́во, etc.) are used to describe the manner in which verbal actions occur. They can also modify an adjective, another adverb, and rarely a noun.

Adverbs can also be seen in impersonal constructions: Как дела́? – Хорошо́. or Сего́дня хо́лодно.

Ex. 1. In the first sentence we used an adverb. Choose the correct form of the adjective in the second sentence.

Ex. 2. Adjective or Adverb? Choose the correct option.

Ex. 3. Choose the correct word to complete the gaps.

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