6 Useful Verbs: SEE / LOOK / WATCH and HEAR / SOUND / LISTEN in Russian

see watch look hear sound listen in russian conjugation

WATCH / LOOK / SEE In Russian

The words ВИДЕТЬ, and СМОТРЕТЬ have to do with perceiving something with your eyes. However, they are used in different ways.

ВИДЕТЬ is to perceive something or someone with the eyes, or to notice something and become aware of it.

Я хорошо вижу. Мне не нужны очки. – I can see well. I don’t need glasses.

Ты видишь меня? – Can you see me?

Мы ничего не видим. Здесь слишком темно. – We can’t see anything. It’s too dark here.

СМОТРЕТЬ (usually with НА and a noun or pronoun in the Accusative case) is to look at something, or view for a period of time. 

Смотри! Что там происходит? – Look! What’s happening there?

Он смотрит на тебя. – He’s looking at you.

Они не смотрят телевизор. – They don’t watch TV.

ВЫГЛЯДЕТЬ is to look (to seem, to appear)

Ты сегодня отлично выглядишь. – You look brilliant today.

Как он выглядит? – What does he look like?


СЛУШАТЬ and СЛЫШАТЬ have to do with perceiving something with your ears.

СЛЫШАТЬ means to become aware of (sound) through the ear

Я слышала какой-то странный звук. – I heard a strange sound.

Ты меня слышишь? – Can you hear me?

СЛУШАТЬ means LISTEN in Russian (to pay attention to words, music, or other sounds in order to hear what is being said).

Я слушаю эту песню каждый день. Она мне очень нравится. – I listen to this song every day. I like it a lot.

NB! It’s important that in Russian, we don’t use any prepositions after СЛУШАТЬ. Compare:

Я слушаю музыку. – I listen to music.

ЗВУЧАТЬ means ‘to produce a sound’ or ‘to convey impressions by a sound’.

Новая гитара звучит отлично! – The new guitar sounds great! Эта идея звучит интересно. – The idea sounds interesting.

Some people may say “Звучит хорошо”, when they translate ‘Sounds good’ from English into Russian. However, this isn’t always a perfect way. The phrase may sound unnatural to ordinary native speakers.

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