СИДЕТЬ Conjugation + 6 Funny Idioms Where It Is Used

By acquiring the knowledge of how to say SIT in Russian correctly (сидеть conjugation), you will simultaneously gain insight into the various applications of this frequently used term within popular Russian idioms and established phrases.

СИДЕТЬ Conjugation

The primary meaning of the verb “СИДЕТЬ” in Russian is “to sit”. It belongs to the second conjugation. However, it isn’t completely regular. In the Present tense, like all verbs with a root ending in “д”, it experiences a consonant alternation in the first-person singular (Я сижу). The conjugation pattern remains consistent for the perfective verb “ПОСИДЕТЬ”.

сидеть conjugation (perfective, imperfective; all tenses)

For instance, one can say:

Я сижу́ на сту́ле. – I’m sitting in the chair.

Ты сиди́шь тут? – Are you sitting here?

Мы сиди́м в саду́. – We are sitting in the garden.

Посиди́те здесь, пожа́луйста! – Sit here for a while, please!

Мы сиде́ли в э́том кафе́, когда он пришёл. – We were sitting in the café when he arrived.

In these instances, the verb denotes the act of being or remaining in a specific bodily position. It is customary to mention WHERE we are sitting (therefore, the Prepositional case is so widely used after СИДЕТЬ). However, when used without any location indications, the verb “сидеть” can also mean “to be imprisoned”. Hence, the phrase “Я сижу” is ambiguous. It could imply that the person is physically sitting (not standing), but it could also suggest that they are serving a prison sentence.

СИДЕТЬ: Idiomatic Use

The above example demonstrates the strong correlation between “sitting” and “staying somewhere for a considerable amount of time” in the Russian language.

сиде́ть с + Instrumental case – to stay with somebody (to look after somebody)

сиде́ть до́ма – to stay at home

The СИДЕТЬ conjugation remains the same in this case. You can say:

По выходным я сижу́ до́ма. Я никогда́ никуда́ не хожу́. – On weekends, I stay at home. I never go out.

Сего́дня идёт дождь. Я лу́чше посижу́ до́ма. – It’s raining today. I’d better stay at home.

how to say sit in russian idioms

cиде́ть в интерне́те – to search the web

While “сиде́ть в интерне́те” initially has a neutral meaning and primarily refers to “staying connected to the web,” it can also carry a negative connotation.

Почему́ ты всё вре́мя сиди́шь в интерне́те? – Why are you always spending time online?

сиде́ть на са́йте – to spend time on a website

Я ча́сто сижу́ на э́том са́йте. – I often spend time on this website.

Ско́лько уже́ мо́жно сиде́ть на э́том са́йте? Дава́й пои́щем что́-то ещё! – How long are you going to spend on this website? Let’s find something else!

When we use the verb “сиде́ть” to talk about the time spent on our phones, it implies excessive use of gadgets.

сиде́ть в телефо́не (colloquial) – to spend too much time on one’s phone

Мой сын всё вре́мя сиди́т в телефо́не. Он не слу́шает, когда́ я говорю́ с ним. – My son is always spending time on his phone. He never listens to me talking to him.

Additionally, “сиде́ть” can be used to discuss addiction and dependency.

сиде́ть на ше́е у + Genitive – to be completely dependent on someone

Ей уже́ 25 лет, но она́ всё ещё сиди́т на ше́е у роди́телей. – She is already 25 but she is still dependent on her parents.

сиде́ть на игле́ (colloquial; literally means “to sit on a needle”) – to be drug-addicted

Он давно́ сиди́т на игле́. – He’s been drug-addicted for a long time.

сиде́ть на табле́тках – to take some medicine for a long time (implies the idea that it isn’t good)

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