Russian Idioms With Words For Accessories

I wrote about Russian idioms with letters a couple of months ago. Here is another batch of expressions with words for accessories 🙂

Russian Words For Accessories

се́рьги – earrings

иго́лка (игла́) – needle

була́вка – pin

гребёнка – comb (in everyday life we commonly use the word расчёска which means both “comb” and “brush”)

IMPORTANT: In the idiom всем сестра́м по серьга́м: the stress in the word сестра́м is archaic. The modern standard is сёстрам.

In the word серьгам both ways of accentuation are acceptable.

Russian Idioms With Accessories: Examples

В шко́ле дете́й бы́стро причеса́ли под одну́ гребёнку. – At school they quickly painted everyone with the same brush.
Са́ша пришёл домо́й по́здно. Его́ жена́ не спала́. Она́ волнова́лась и сиде́ла как на иго́лках. – Sasha came home late. His wife was not sleeping. She was worried and agitated.
Па́па раздели́л де́ньги ме́жду детьми́ и сказа́л: «Ну вот! Тут всем сестра́м по серьга́м!» – Dad shared money among his kids and said:”Well! Here it is in equal parts!”
Престу́пники бы́ли нака́заны. Доста́лось всем сестра́м по серьга́м! – The criminals had been punished (to each his own).
Па́па дал Ма́ше сто рубле́й и сказа́л: «Э́то тебе́ на була́вки!» – Dad gave 100 rubles to Masha and said: “This is your pocket money.”

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