TOP-30 Russian Verbs: Conjugation & Examples

Changing the personal endings of the verb so that they agree with the subject is called conjugation. Russian verbs have endings to indicate the person and number of the subject. There are six personal endings, one for each subject in the first, second, and third persons, singular and plural.

Here are TOP-30 Russian verbs with their conjugation patterns and some sample sentences. The verbs frequency is as per that in НОВЫЙ ЧАСТОТНЫЙ СЛОВАРЬ РУССКОЙ ЛЕКСИКИ (by О. Н. Ляшевская, С. А. Шаров).

Russian Verbs 1-5

Russian Verbs 6-10

Russian Verbs Conjugarion

Russian Verbs 11-15

Russian Verbs 16-20

Russian Verbs 21-25

Russian Verbs Conjugation 21-25

Russian Verbs 26-30

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