Happy World Teachers’ Day!

Today is the World Teachers’ Day. Learn (or review) some school-related words in the Russian language:

school words in russian

Наш учи́тель о́чень стро́гий. – Our teacher is very strict.
Ди́ма – приле́жный учени́к. – Dima is a hard-working (diligent) student.
Наш класс о́чень просто́рный. – Our classroom is very spacious.
Уче́бники и тетра́ди лежа́т на па́рте. – The textbooks and exercise books are on the desk.
Когда́ зако́нчится уро́к? Когда́ начнётся переме́на? – When will the lesson end? When will the break begin?
Я не хочу́ идти́ в шко́лу! – I don’t want to go to school!

Play the games to memorize the words better:

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