Wheel of Fortune: German Vocabulary Game

Hey! It’s time to play!

In this game a player or multiple players have to say (or maybe write?) a German word!

After you spin the first wheel and you’ll get the topic. Then spin the second wheel and get the letter your word should start with.

You can count score based on the points assigned to each letter. It makes the game more interesting for playing in pairs / groups.

Now you have a topic. Congrats!

It’s turn to spin the second wheel! You’ll be given a starting letter and the score that you can get if you say (write) a correct word.

Single player: We’d recommend to set a time frame for playing (e.g., 5 minutes) and calculate the total score at the end. If a player fails to say a word, he/she gets 0 points but can spin a wheel again as many times as needed.┬áIf it is a repetitive activity in a classroom, the scores can be regularly compared with the student’s last result.

Multiple players: The players spin the wheel one after another, say words and get (or don’t get) their points. They spin the wheel only one time. If a player fails to say the correct word, another player will spin the wheel. The total score is compared at the end of the game. The player who has got the highest score, is a winner.

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