Okay Google? NO! Okay ruble!

This comedy skit was featured in Evening Urgant TV show (adaptation of American Late Night Show). This joke is not only “OK Google” parody but it also refers to the dramatic fall of Russian national currency that happened in 2014.

On December 16th ruble lost 10% of its value, and it had already lost 40% within the previous several months. The collapse of ruble has affected Russian consumers in many ways.  Inflation was expected to accelerate, so many Russians were panic-buying; and banks were running out of dollars.

For many people the nearest outcome of that currency crisis was that they were no longer able to travel abroad (at least as much as they used to do in 2010-2013.) Quite a lot of people lost their jobs and couldn’t pay for expensive food and drinks in their favorite restaurants and bars.

That is why the TV show’s host Ivan Urgant is addressing Ruble instead of Google when asking questions like “Where to go on New Year vacation?” or “What to cook for New Year celebration”.

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