TOP-10 Russian Sweets

Russian desserts are as diverse as Russian cuisine itself. Learn the names of some tasty dishes beloved by people in Russia, Ukraine and other ex-Soviet states.

Сы́рники (SYRNIKI)

Сырники (singular – сырник) is a popular breakfast dish. These thick pancakes are made of cottage cheese, sugar, flour and eggs. The soft sweet dough is fried in oil so the pancakes become crisp outside but stay creamy inside. Сырники are usually served with sour cream or jam.

Су́шки (SUSHKI)

Сушки (singular – сушка) are crunchy, mildly sweet rings made of bread. They are usually eaten with tea.

Бара́нки (BARANKI)

Баранки (singualr – баранка) are similar to сушки but they are usually sweeter, softer and bigger.

Ватру́шка (VATRUSHKA)

Ватрушка is a sweet pie formed as a dough ring with cottage cheese (sometimes with raisins) in the middle.

Тру́бочка со сгущёнкой (ROLL With condensed milk)

Waffle rolls with condensed milk are a popular treat among Russian children. The rolls are made of very thin waffles. There may be any fatty cream inside but the version with condensed milk is by far more popular than others.

Оре́шки со сгущёнкой (nut-shaped cookies with condensed milk)

These are walnut-shaped cookies also stuffed with condensed milk.

a nut – орех (diminutive form – орешек)

nuts – орехи (diminutive form – орешки)

Черносли́в в шокола́де (chocolate-coated prunes)

This is a popular type of candies made of a dried plum covered with chocolate.

Зефи́р (zefir)

Зефир is a soft confectionery similar to marshmallows but usually a bit harder and bigger in size. There is also a chocolate-coated version which is quite popular in Russia.

Моро́женое «Брике́т» (“BRIKET” ice cream)

Winter frost can’t stop Russians to eat ice cream. There are several unique types of Russian ice cream. Брикет is a “sweet sandwich” where ice cream is put between two thin waffles.

Моро́женое «Ла́комка» (“LAKOMKA” ice cream)

This is a tube-shape milk chocolate-coated ice cream.

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