TOP-5 Slow Russian Songs You Need To Listen

Building a strong habit to listen to songs in your target language is one of the key factors of successful language learning. Listen to these 5 SLOW Russian songs first.

1. Learn how to say “Hello”

Здра́вствуй, ночь! – Hello Night!

Band name: СерьГа (Earring)

Song title:  Дорога в ночь (Way To Night)

2. Learn How to say “I like”

Мне нра́вится –  I like

The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! is a cult Soviet romactic comedy. This song performed by famous Alla Pugacheva illustrates one of the key moments of the plot.


3. Double negation is OK in Russian language

Я тебя́ никогда́ не забу́ду. – I will never forget you. (literally: “I won’t never forget you”).

This song is taken from a popular Soviet rock opera called Juno and Avos


Моро́з – frost

У меня́ жена́ ревни́вая. – My wife is jealous.

Ой мороз, мороз (Oh, Frost, Frost) sounds like a Russian traditional folk song, but it is likely to be created in 1950s. The author is unknown though.

5. Simply “easy song”

We’ll list this song here just because it is called ‘easy’ 🙂

Band name: IOWA

Song title: Проста́я пе́сня – easy song

Просто́й – easy

Про́сто – easily / it is easy

Ру́сский – э́то про́сто!  – Russian is easy! (with Language Step By Step)

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